Restaurant Review: The Lazy Ox Canteen

India Halsted March 5, 2013 0
Restaurant Review: The Lazy Ox Canteen
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The Lazy Ox Canteen, an unusual gourmet restaurant, has become one of the most popular food hotspots in Los Angeles. Located in Downtown, The Lazy Ox is a real and original reflection of the up and coming cuisine world.

Even though it is not very formal, its simple decor creates a home like feel. The eclectic surroundings add a unique vibe to the restaurant. The cozy booths, bar and wood tables are very rustic. The chalkboard on one wall also makes you feel at home with its list of the week’s family-style specials.

Off the chalkboard, the dinner menu is exceptional. From fried chicken to squash soup, to polenta with creamed mushrooms, or black Tuscan kale salad: The Lazy Ox has it all. Since the menu varies customers never quite know what to expect– except that it will be delicious.

One example of a great dish is the classic American burger. The 7 oz. Ox Burger with white cheddar and whole grain mustard is incredibly different from an average beef burger (but much better). Even the odd dishes such as the heirloom eggplant ‘nachos’ are great because you can’t order wrong at The Lazy Ox.

Apart from all the wonderful food it offers, the service at The Lazy Ox is very good. The servers never take long and are very understanding and friendly. Although it sometimes is a wait to get a table, the wait is well worth its due: the afterward satisfaction of dining there cannot be topped. Customers who want to avoid the uncomfortable wait can do so by making a reservation.

Although The Lazy Ox is a far drive from Archer, its unique experience will make any fine cuisine lover go back for more.

Featured Image: Lazy Ox Canteen Website

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