Restaurant Review: Milo & Olive—Is it as Good as it is Popular?

Cuisine Editors May 25, 2012 2
Restaurant Review: Milo & Olive—Is it as Good as it is Popular?

Located on Wilshire Boulevard, in Santa Monica, Milo & Olive is buzzing with fresh new ideas for gourmet cuisine. Founded by the same chefs as Sweet Rose Creamery, Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry, it’s no wonder this new restaurant is all the rage. The namesake of the restaurant is the owner’s son’s name, Milo.

Started this past winter, the restaurant serves dishes from homemade baked goods to delicious dinners. The restaurant was created to be a pizzeria, but has turned into much more.

Milo & Olive has more than just cheese and pepperoni. The food is always in season, making the most of the mild climate. The pizzas are adorned by unusual vegetables straight from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market.

One pizza that includes a unusual, healthy vegetable is the fresh cream and nettles pizza. Nettles, a vegetable that has extremely dangerous, prickly needles, are hand prepared by the chefs of Milo & Olive.

Another delicious pizza served at Milo & Olive is the seasonal butternut squash. The pizza is one of the most popular on the menu. This dish includes mozzarella, onions, and, as the cherry on top, an egg. Following the spirit of the restaurant, this pizza is a winter classic.

Another dish on the menu that happens to be a favourite is their homemade bread pudding. This dish was from a recipe the owner loved from when she was pregnant. It consists of eggs, coffee, bread, and many more delicious chef secrets. Although very filling, this is a recommended dessert to order.

Service at Milo & Olive is quick and friendly. Although the restaurant is usually busy, the staff is friendly and always smiling. Sometimes at night when you are waiting for your dinner the staff will make warm grits to keep their customers happy.

The only thing that we personally don’t love about the restaurant is their seating situation. Because of their small space, there are limited tables to enjoy one’s meal. However, despite that the decor of the restaurant is exceedingly beautiful and stylish.

The wooden tables and (a little bit uncomfortable) benches give the room a rustic feel. Also the opened up ceilings and skylights allow the small space to feel bigger and more light.The rows of water colors on the walls are just the right touch of color and art.

Also very close to Archer, this new restaurant is the perfect place to pick up a meal for you and your family or friends. The trendy food will amaze even the most cautious food lover. Just be prepared to come a little early, preferable at 6 to enjoy this fabulous food. The lines seem to take forever when you are smelling the aroma of chicken meatballs.

If you would like to visit Milo & Olive, the address is 2723 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90493.

Featured Photo: Isabel Adler ’17



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    The garlic knot is the best!!!!!!

  2. Rhonda Leshman November 25, 2012 at 1:40 am - Reply

    Love ‘Milo & Olive’, thanks for the review. They serve a great brunch as well. Nice to know more about the chef/owners.

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