Archer Volleyball Rose to the Top this Season

Lindsay Levesque December 19, 2012 0
Archer Volleyball Rose to the Top this Season

The Archer Varsity Volleyball Team had both a tremendous effort on the court and an excellent record this Fall season.  The teams set out to succeed.  This year Varsity Volleyball ended the season with a 9-1 league record, first place title in the Delphic league, and an eighth place position in CIF playoffs.

As John Wooden once said “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  Varsity Volleyball kept this in mind throughout their season, using it as a mantra for their motivation. Although the Volleyball players had to come home from games at 9 o’clock, attend late night practices, and travel for hours, this dedication was one of  the “little details” that lead to Volleyball’s success this season.

The girls created a tight bond both on and off the court. It was not the efforts of one girl that made this team great, but the confidence and passion each of the eleven athletes had when united as a team. Whenever someone made a mistake in a game, the rest of the team was there to pick her back up.

The team would not have gotten to quarterfinals without everyone who helped along the way. The leadership and inspiration of the coaches provided the necessary support and courage that the players needed in order to perform well. The fans who came to cheer for the team at each game, the pride that the Archer faculty and students demonstrated, and Archer’s outstanding athletic program contributed to the volleyball team’s success and achievement in this year’s season.

After reaching the elite eight and losing in the quarterfinals against Pacifica Christian, the Archer Volleyball team did not leave the court feeling as if something was missing. Instead, their tears came from 3 months of hard work and enjoyment, from years of close bonds with their teammates, and from leaving it all out on the court.

Senior Marian Maile sums up the volleyball season by saying “One thing that I liked about Varsity Volleyball this year is it’s more than a team– its a family. And we all loved each other. We would pick each other up when anyone was feeling down.”

This year the volleyball team played with passion and heart; not one person on the court let her emotions hold her back. Although the six seniors on the team are sad to leave the team next year, Marian Maile says that they are “left with great memories about the Archer Volleyball team.”   The seniors are confident that the team is left in good hands and will be prepared for next years season.


Co-written by Lindsay Levesque (’13) and Krysia Sikora (’13)

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