Archer Varsity Soccer 2014: Journey Through Photos

Yasmeen Namazie March 6, 2014 1
Archer Varsity Soccer 2014: Journey Through Photos

It was a season of excitement, anticipation and heartbreak. This year’s Archer Varsity Soccer team made it to the CIF-SS Playoffs, losing to St. Monica’s in the Final Four. Thanks to Shishi Shomloo ’15, we have photo documentation of this record-breaking squad. 

“This marks the furthest any Archer athletic team has advanced in the CIF playoffs,” says Athletic Director Denny Lennon before the team’s last game. “The Archer faithful have been growing in numbers and noise each game.” The team lost 1-0 to St. Monica’s on Mar. 5.

“When I first started taking pictures, it was more so a project for myself to see if I could do sports photography,” says photographer Shomloo. “Somehow I ended up with the ‘dogpile’ photo and it ended up all over” (see featured imaged above).

After seeing this photo, Head Coach Kim Smith approached Shomloo and appointed her official team photographer. She photographed nine games and was able to capture some of the most raw and passionate moments the team experienced.

“Stadium lights are not fun to photograph under because it may seem like there is a lot of light but there isn’t. You have to learn to work around that and make those blurry pictures work which sometimes compromises the quality of the photo,” Shomloo says.

“I got to better my photography, watch soccer, and watch my friends play. Overall, it was just an enjoyable experience,” Shomloo continues. “I have gotten a better idea of sports photography.” 

Below is a photo gallery displaying Shomloo’s photography from this season; click on a photo to start a slideshow.  Also, click here to view Shomloo’s photography blog.

Featured Image: A soccer player runs into Archer Soccer’s first dogpile. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo ’15

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  1. Luke Robertson March 7, 2014 at 6:53 am - Reply

    An AMAZING season, ladies!!! Congratulations!!! And these photos are gorgeous, Miss Shomloo… what a way to preserve such memorable moments…

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