Review: The Innocents’ Crusade Comes to Archer

Ankhet Holmes January 8, 2013 0
Review: The Innocents’ Crusade Comes to Archer

Calling all thespians, self proclaimed theater geeks, and even those new to the art: the Archer theatre season has begun. The year’s first play was “The Innocents’ Crusade” featuring a talented Upper School cast.

Bill attempts to impress a college admissions officer. Photographer: Daniel In

“The Innocents’ Crusade” centers around a teen boy, Bill, on his college search. Unsure of what he really wants in a college, Bill begins a crusade and picks up followers along the way.

A major force of the play is the pressure Bill faces from his alcoholic father to go to college. Says one actor, Gabby Lamm ’13, “the play is super identifiable for most upper schoolers” because just like Bill “many of us are pressured by our parents and society to do well.”

The play was double cast, which audiences might not have seen before in Archer productions. One cast featured Kathleen Kelso ’14  as Bill, Gabby Lamm ’13 as the timid mother, Mame, and Olivia Bagg ’15 as enthusiastic crusader, Laura. The other featured Livia Reiner ’14 in the role of Mame, Celia McLennon ’15 as Laura, and Carolyn Zaccaro ’14 as Bill.

Kaitlyn Mock ’13 the assistant director of the production, believes that, “being double cast gave everyone a better understanding of the play and gave the actors more creativity on how they wanted to portray their own character individually.” Any differences in the performances allowed the audience to “look at characters in a different way.”

For senior Gabby Lamm, it was really her cast mates that made her last Archer play such a valuable memory. She raves about both casts “incredible acting ability” and how they were “supportive and wonderful to work with.” Kaitlyn Mock heartily agrees: “This production has been by far the best cast and crew I have ever worked with.”

A confrontation between father and son. Photographer: Daniel In

Though both seniors are sad to have their Archer theater careers ending they were incredibly pleased to have had such a send off.  Lamm  sends this advice to her castmates: “ Live in the moment, carpe diem, YOLO whatever cliche you choose because before you know it you’ll be a senior and everything will be a ‘last’, so enjoy your activities, friends, classes, teachers–enjoy everything–while you can.”

The Archer Upper School Play brings together students that are both interested in pursing acting as a career and those just looking to try something new. For any budding actors the play is a great place to begin. While this play may already be over, be sure to check out more events by the Archer Theater Department.


Featured Image: An uncomfortable moment between husband and wife. Photographer: Daniel In

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