Varsity Swim: “It’s a Little Swim Family!”

Ilene Gonzales March 4, 2014 1
Varsity Swim: “It’s a Little Swim Family!”

photo-2With CIF as the goal, Archer swim has begun their training. Constantly trying to shorten their times, they have the support of their teammates—together they form a great bond. Camila Gazcon ’15 tells the Oracle, ” It’s a little swim family!”

Coach Stephanie Ferri shares that last season’s team was strong even though there were no club swimmers. She predicts this upcoming season will be “solid all around.” She expects each swimmer to reach her personal best time.

Coach Ferri will be coaching swim this season with the help of teacher and coach Cushman Gillen. Ferri has been coaching swim since she graduated college in 2007. She swam for a competitive swim club team in Rhode Island based out of Brown University, called the Ocean State Squids, until she graduated high school.

A few swimmers shared their story on their goals and challenges they have for this upcoming swim season.

Madison Florian ’15  has been swimming since she was ten years old and on Archer’s team since she was in eighth grade. She participates in the medley relays, the free and fly, and the 100 breaststroke. Her favorite stroke is freestyle because it’s her fastest competitive stroke; her least favorite is the backstroke. Recovering from her minor shoulder injury, she will be facing a great challenge this season.

Sophomore Kimia Khatibi ’16  has been swimming ever since she was a child, and has been on Archer’s swim team since seventh grade. She likes pushing herself each practice and improving her strokes. Khatibi’s favorite stroke is freestyle, and she enjoys watching the butterfly stroke. Her least favorite stroke is backstroke because she finds it hard to see how fast the opposing swimmers are moving.

Micaela Paulson ’16  has been on Archer’s swim team since last year. She says swim brings out her competitiveness and encourages her to work harder in other aspects of her life. She sometimes feels stressed but always tries to have  a positive attitude. Her favorite stroke is freestyle. Paulson’s personal goals are to challenge herself each day in practice and maintain her determination.   

Camila Gazcon ’15  enjoys the butterfly stroke even though they share a “love/hate relationship.” One of her goals is to make CIF in one of her relays. 

Senior Alana O’Mara ’14 has been participating on Archer’s swim team for three years. She swims free style and challenges herself by using the breaststroke. O’Mara told us,”I don’t like swimming fly because it is the hardest one for me! You have to swing your arms around and I just can’t get them to go the right way.” One of her challenges is getting in shape for swim, but she continues to work hard on cutting down her times.

Archer swimmers participate in the Liberty League. They practice Monday through Friday from 3:30- 4:30 at UCLA and are preparing for their first meet Tuesday, March 4.

Featured image: Archer 2013 swim team in competition. Credit: Archer Athletics used with permission.

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