The Academy Awards: Predictions and Favorites

Siena Deck February 11, 2014 0
The Academy Awards: Predictions and Favorites

Viewers grip the sides of their couches while actors and directors grip their Valentino dresses as Academy Awards anticipation strikes. Whether you watch to see the dazzling dresses your favorite stars wear, or you are dragged to a family friend’s house to watch it with your parents, the Academy Awards is one of Hollywood’s most prized events of the year.

The 86th Annual Academy Awards will be held in Beverly Hills on Mar. 2 and hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. The categories range from “Best Movie” to “Best Costumes.”

In an all school and faculty survey, the Oracle asked students and teachers about their predicted winners for this year’s Oscars in a few of these categories.

One Archer student states that the Academy Awards “makes me sad because there are so many other amazing movies out there that should have been nominated for awards but didn’t because they didn’t have an A-List cast or a famous director,” but many other students are excited for the ceremony.

If you are watching for the dresses, the best director category, or because the salsa and guacamole dip at the party tastes good, this year’s Academy Awards will be dazzling, competitive, and yummy!

Click on an image below to start the slideshow and see Archer’s predictions for the winners:

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Featured Image: A clap-board with ‘Academy Awards’ written on it next to some popcorn. Photographer: Rosemary Pastron ’16

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