Middle School Theater Presents: “Metamorphoses”

Zaire Dupont-Armstrong January 31, 2014 0
Middle School Theater Presents: “Metamorphoses”

On Friday, Jan. 17, Archer’s Middle School Theater Department debuted their first performance of the second semester, “Metamorphoses.” With about 300 people in attendance, the show was an absolute hit.

Directed by Arts Department Chair Tracy Poverstein and assisted by Chanel Willams ’14, Metamorphoses’ production team consisted of students from all grades that contributed to choreography, set design, make-up and other important aspects of the play. The whole theater department gathered to create a production that included many aspects of a professional play.

Photographer: Gaby Sumpter '16.

Photographer: Gaby Sumpter ’16.

Mary Zimmerman, the playwright who contracted “Metamorphoses” based her story off Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”an ancient Latin poem first published in 8 AD. Ms. Poverstein choose to recreate this particular piece because it was a “storytelling opportunity.” She added, “I also loved the opportunity and challenge for the actors to work in water.”

For the first time, Chanel Williams ’14 experienced the role of Student Director. Although it was a lot of work, she said she “would absolutely do it again!” Chanel says the most memorable moments were “the first curtain call, the first full show, and also the quality time I was able to spend with all of the girls.”

The cast included sixth, seventh and eighth grade actors. “Everyone was supportive no matter the grade,” commented Langston Stahler ’20 who played “Hunger” and a narrator.

“Every person in the cast and crew had such a special bond with one another.” said Julianna Goldstone ’18-a fellow actress.

“The actors brought the story to life,” said English Department Chair Kristin Taylor who attended the faculty performance on Thursday.

Featured: The entire cast smiles for the cameras and applause after finishing a show. Photographer: Gaby Sumpter ’16.

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