Five Ways to Cool Down in the Winter

Kayry Gonzalez January 24, 2014 0
Five Ways to Cool Down in the Winter

Because California is known for its warm climate and beautiful weather all year round, we expect sunny blue skies.  But 80 degrees in January?  Really?

The majority of California residents live here because of the weather. It’s no snowy Minnesota or red-hot Arizona. The neutral climate is what many people would kill for… or at least move to LA for. For example, if you long for a colder climate, all you need  is a couple of hours to visit the nearby mountains, and when you are in the mood for a warmer temperature, just drive down to Southern CA.

Winter started on Dec. 21 and is supposed to go until March 19. Since then, CA has experienced  nothing but “summer” weather.  Winter usually signifies a temperature drop, but not this year in LA.

Here are some ideas to withstand the warm weather:

1. Think “Cool as a Cucumber”
How do you go about being “calm and relaxed” ?  Take it literally: Have a cucumber. Eating fresh foods helps people stay hydrated hence making you feel more cooled down and relaxed.

2. Agua
Okay, yes, obviously drinking water helps you stay hydrated internally, but what about the rest of your body? Take a swim. This doesn’t necessarily mean jump into the dirty pool water that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, but it can also mean take a bath or shower. Have you ever noticed how fresh you feel after getting out of a shower? Now think of that constant, relaxing feeling you’ll have if you take one frequently when it gets hot.  Exactly.

3. Winter Wear for Weird Warmth
Yay for alliteration.
To stay cool, wear thin, light clothing of light colors. Maybe your comfy sweatpants aren’t always the answer. Don’t be that person who complains about how hot they are while wearing a sweater.  You might say, this is hard when it’s -20° in the morning, and 200° in the afternoon. In that case, wear layers. If you know the weather’s going to change, don’t freeze yourself in the morning because later it’ll be too hot for a sweater. Wear something, like a zip-up hoodie, that you can take off without being left in the situation of not having anything left to wear.

4. Out of the Sun, Sweetie
Stay of out of the sun missy… or mister. On hot days, pretend you can hear big trees calling you to take advantage of their glorious shade. Stand underneath them to prevent an unpleasant encounter with the sun.

5. Use Your Brain
I mean, I hope you do anyway but a reminder doesn’t hurt. Remember to be smart when making simple choices. If you’re the girl who has to decide between leaving her luscious hair down or putting it up in a messy bun… sweaty necks aren’t fun. Don’t make yourself choose between a new, uncomfortable top over the nice, loose one. You’ll regret it. Logic is a beautiful thing, don’t forget it.

You’re welcome.

Featured Image: Sun drawn on hand on a sunny day. Photographer: Carina Oriel ’16

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