Middle School Basketball

Ilene Gonzales February 5, 2014 0
Middle School Basketball

Archer’s Middle School basketball team follows the high standards set by Archer’s High School Varsity basketball team. With Lisa Live Claiborne and Alex Pegnato guiding them along the way, the team continues to make improvements every practice and game. 

Coach Lisa tells the Oracle, “I enjoy coaching the girls of Archer. They catch on quick and are committed to doing things they never thought they could do.  They have great attitudes and are highly supportive of one another!”

Coach Lisa played basketball at Crenshaw High School as a point guard, scoring on average of 15 points per game. “I enjoyed playing the games but never felt positive motivation from our coaching staff,” she says.

When asked about her decision to coach, Coach Lisa says, “I believe the lack of positive reinforcement from my high school coaches gave me insight as how not to coach. That and seeing players in Park and Rec that were not receiving quality coaching motivated me to go out and share my knowledge which I always tie into life lessons as sports and life go hand in hand. I believe in giving chances and respecting possibility. You never know what a player can do until you empower them and give them the  chance to do so.”  

Approaching every season with a mindset to compete and to win each “contest,” Archer’s MS Basketball Team aims to be the best on and off the court. Coach Lisa shares, “To learn and experience the rules of the game while having fun doing so in preparation for the matriculation to the Upper School Varsity Team.”

Coach Alex adds, “One of my goals for my team is that they learn the game of basketball. I am not worried about how many points we score or games we win. I want them to learn and understand the basics of the sport. Most importantly I want them to enjoy themselves.”

With multiple hours of practice every week, improvements are inevitable. Both coaches agree that the MS Basketball Team has become more aggressive on defense and offense. “Being aggressive on defense causes the ball to be turned over to us and we are able to score easy lay-ups,” Coach Lisa says.

Coach Alex tells the Oracle that she enjoys watching her team improve, develop new skills, and apply them to the game.

As MS continues to work hard every practice and game, they are closer to accomplishing their personal goals and goals as a team and have fun every step of the way.

Featured Image: A basketball hoop on one of Archer’s courts. Photographer: Rosemary Pastron ’16

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