Young Panthers Take the Field: MS Soccer

Anabel Palmer February 19, 2014 0
Young Panthers Take the Field: MS Soccer

Archer’s middle school soccer season began with a tough game against Westside Neighborhood School and has played a number of games since. Even with a rough start to the season, the girls are continuing to bond as a team while they strive towards reaching the championships at the end of February.

With new students joining the team this year, Coach Joslyn Slovek’s says she hopes “for all players to improve their skills individually and as team. We got our first win against Windward which was exciting! Our goal is making it to the championship!”

A first year Panther, Grace Kerner ’19 says she, “joined because I love soccer and want to play. I’m enjoying it immensely, and I do have lots of friends on the team. My personal goal for this season is to make a goal or deflect a ball coming into our goal.”

The girls continued to improve their playing at practices three days a week and in games throughout January and February. Each player has shown immense dedication to the group and the well-being of their teammates.

Sixth grader Isabella Raspi ’20 tells the Oracle, “I tried out for the soccer team this year because I honestly love soccer. I’ve been playing since I was five years old. I’m enjoying the time with my team. We are bonding very well, I made some new friends and I’m really happy about that.”

She reveals, “My personal goals for the season are to progress in the way we play and get better in our skills. Also I would like to start working more as a team and bring out some aggression in my teammates so that they are not afraid to go to the ball and get “dirty”.”

She adds, “We have sixth, seventh and eighth graders on the team, and they are all always encouraging each other.”

As the season reaches its peak, the young Panthers show their pride and push each other in their goal to reach the league championships.

Featured Image: A soccer ball waiting to be kicked. Photographer: Rosemary Pastron ’16

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