Looks for Less

Helena Heslov November 20, 2013 0
Looks for Less

You casually flip through People magazine just as something fabulous catches your eye—a picture of Kylie Jenner walking out of Kitson at the Malibu Country Mart wearing those jaw-dropping knee-high boots you know you must lay your hands on. Envious, you search the Internet until your fingers start to tire from all of the typing you’ve been doing. But how to afford it?

Celebrity style is something that we are all naturally influenced by, even if it does force us to go out of our way to find that exact clutch that accompanied Taylor Swift on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. But all fashionistas should know that we may be able to find something shockingly similar to that clutch without having to spend a fortune.

There are so many bags and shoes that look almost exactly the same as something you might see a celebrity wear—only with a price tag that won’t break the bank. Stores like H&M, Top Shop, and NastyGal could do anyone just as much justice as any designer handbag could.

Another key to achieving celebrity looks without breaking the bank is to take another look at your closet. Have you ever watched Gossip Girl and spotted Serena wearing her classic boho-chic maxi skirt along with her slouchy messenger bag strung across her body and vibrant and dramatic jewelry? Searching your closet might just give you the exact outfit.

Sometimes the only resort is to tear apart your mom’s closet, only to never actually find the exact outfit we saw our favorite celebrity rock in that new RomCom they are in. In this is case, it is okay to mix in a bit of your own style along with some similarities to the outfit you are aiming for. Originality is most definitely the secret to success when it comes to fashion.

Featured Images(s): Forever 21 Jacket: $39.80 and Rag & Bone Jacket: $242

Here are a few examples of how much money a fashion-conscious girl can save:

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