Survey: Bring on the Turkey

Sara Seaman November 14, 2013 0
Survey: Bring on the Turkey

As Thanksgiving break nears, dreamy excitement grows in the eyes of Archer girls. 

Archer holds school during Columbus Day and Veterans Day  in order to take a full week off for Thanksgiving. Both students and teachers are on break from Nov. 25 to Nov 29; Thanksgiving itself is on Nov. 28.

The Oracle surveyed Archer girls to find their opinions on the much-anticipated time of food and family.

Over half of Archer girls feel the break length is perfect, although 40 percent find it too short. Archer already gives students more time off than a lot of schools—so one week seems to most to be completely reasonable.

Favorite Part of BreakThe students were also asked about their favorite part of Thanksgiving break. Since Archer girls are known for their love of food, it is no surprise that 41 percent of students said food was the best part of break, followed by sleeping and seeing family.

In the spirit of Archer’s infatuation with food, students were asked what their favorite traditional Thanksgiving food is.

Pie won at 35 percent, closely followed by mashed potatoes at 30 percent, then stuffing, turkey, and lastly cranberry sauce.

Although food is great, Archer girls seem to agree that Thanksgiving is a historical holiday that then became an important part of the American spirit, whether they believe it originated for positive or negative reasons.

The last thing the Oracle asked Archer girls was how much they know about the holiday. Seventy-seven percent of students feel they know an average amount, and 10 percent believe they are experts.

As the holiday season comes around again, remember to appreciate everything you have… and enjoy the turkey.

Featured Image: Pies on display for Thanksgiving at Viktor Benês bakery. Photographer: Rosemary Pastron ’16

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