Varsity’s Soccer Season: Just Around the Corner

Ilene Gonzales December 6, 2013 0
Varsity’s Soccer Season: Just Around the Corner

Soccer season is just around the corner for the Archer community! Excitement is in the air and players are gearing up to start the season off strong.The Archer varsity soccer team came third in the Delphic League last season. With hopes set high, they strive to improve as much as they can for this upcoming season. “Every new season has new challenges,” said Head Coach Kim Smith, “last year we graduated ten seniors. This year we have a young team with new challenges and techniques. I’m excited to see new players and the skills that they bring.”

Assistant Coach Amelia Mathis added, “I am super excited! New faces, new dynamics, new League. All around I think it is going to be a great experience with a bunch of new faces coming together to try and do something special this year!” She continued saying, ”One of my goals this year for the girls is to make playoffs, but more importantly I want each and every girl to walk away from this season with a new look on soccer, on an experience that has influenced them in a positive way,”

Coach Mathis told the Oracle how she began coaching soccer. She wanted to share her knowledge with other athletes to help them reach success. “I expect every player to come to training ready to contribute and improve on their game, ” she said.

Having played for Archer’s soccer team since junior grade, junior Yasmeen Namazie ’15 gave the Oracle some insight into the Archer soccer world. She said, “I think that we had a really strong team last year. We did really well, and although we really wanted to get to playoffs, I’m really happy with the progress that we made.”

With ten seniors off to college, more girls have the opportunity to step up their game to fill those positions this season. “So while we are losing some players, we’re getting some new players,” Namazie said.

Their final game last season against Crossroads was an important game for Namazie. It was a close game, and Archer lost 2-1. “We all worked so hard and I just feel like within the last few moments we had that one moment where we lost a little bit of focus and they countered and got the goal. Although we lost, it was a really good challenge for us…it was disappointing that we didn’t win, but it was really rewarding at the end knowing that we were so close to beating that team,” she said. Crossroads is the first team Archer soccer will play this season.

Namazie is also looking forward to games at Santa Monica College (SMC) and being able to bond with her teammates. She said, “Soccer is a very dedicated sport and you really get to know your teammates…it just makes the dynamic so much better. It’s really exciting and takes a lot of work and effort, but it’s worth it.”

Soccer tryouts began on Monday Nov. 11 for the Archer soccer team. From this point on, they will be training their hardest and putting in all their effort  to be fully prepared for this upcoming season’s new challenges.

Come support and watch Archer Varsity’s first game at Santa Monica College on Dec. 6, and stay up to date with Archer Athletics as well as the Archer Athletics Facebook page.

Featured Image: Archer’s 2012-2013 Varsity Soccer Team. Photographer: David Cranston.

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