Sports Blog: How to Choose the Right Shoes

Anabel Palmer December 17, 2013 0
Sports Blog: How to Choose the Right Shoes

For athletes, finding the right shoe is crucial for success. There are so many places that specialize in designing athletic shoes made for comfort. Maybe you need a higher arch, or a thicker sole? Every company claims to have the “best” athletic shoe for your foot, but do we really know if this is true? And how do we really know how to choose the right shoe?

Many people don’t realize they have foot problems until adulthood. By that time, their feet are sore all the time. In most cases, the solution is simple: find the shoes that work well for your foot. This leads to less injuries while giving you the ability to keep moving.

Running Shoes

Pink running shoes. Source: Nancy Ray Photography

Each foot is designed differently, making it hard to find the right fit. Track shoes and spikes are good for sprinters. It’s helpful to wear shoes with a thinner sole. The less weight in the sole, the faster one can run. Long distance runners believe shoes with extra support are best.

When picking out the perfect shoes, it’s extremely important to know how much support is natural. Shoes with too much support can also cause pain in the arch of your feet.

For sports like tennis and basketball, high lateral support in your shoe is recommended. The support will help protect from injuries. Ankle injuries, ACL injuries, and MCL injuries are common when there is a lack of lateral support.

At Archer, girls wear many different running shoes. Sophomore Izzy Malina ’16 says she wears Nikes, while Junior Eva Bombeck ’15 likes her Asics. Archer’s athletics department is sponsored by Adidas. Everyone can find the shoe that will best support their feet’s needs while letting them enjoy their running activities pain-free.

It might just take a little searching before you find your “sole mate.”

Featured Image: A fresh pair of Reebok running shoes. Photographer: JJ Thompson

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