Review: Mumford and Sons

Capucine Berney December 10, 2012 0
Review: Mumford and Sons

“The first night was business, tonight is pleasure,” announced Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of the band Mumford and Sons on November 12, 2012, in the Hollywood Bowl.

With the release of their new album “Babel”, Mumford and Sons played three consecutively sold-out shows at the Hollywood Bowl during the week of November 9th.  To say the least, the London-based, folk-rock band did not fail to impress.  From playing at the Hotel Café to the Coachella Valley Music Festival to the iconic Hollywood Bowl, these four men have come along way since 2009.

As the crowd heard the guitar begin “Babel”, everyone stood up and began to sing along with Marcus Mumford.  When a group has as great a sound as Mumford and Sons, they don’t need much else.

Mumford and Son’s minimal set decoration perfectly accompanied their joyful music. As lights flashed and Christmas lights draped over the audience, it was the epitome of an ideal autumn night. Bundled in layers of blankets, beanies, and scarves, the crowd swayed with each song.

Listening to songs from “Babel” and the 2009 album, “Sigh No More,” the crowd enjoyed both new and the well-loved songs.  With the release of their newest album, the band decided to open up with the more upbeat song, Babel. This was a change from their usual opening song, the slower tempo, “Sigh No More.”

Each song was performed with great precision. Aside from Marcus’ occasional “Hey’s”; one wouldn’t know the difference between the recorded album to the live set.  Their performance was so mind-blowing, even the security guards were cheerfully swaying in their blue zip up windbreakers.

But just when you would think they were winding down to a close, the members of Dawes joined the four men onstage to end with a classic Beatles cover.

When they covered, “With a Little Help from My Friends”, there was no excuse not to sing along. The last song of the encore brought the entire Hollywood Bowl crowd together for one last time, ending the night on a perfect feeling.

Featured Image: Mumford and Sons concert. Photographer: Capucine Berney ’13

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