Humor: Beware the Tolerable Cold

Sara Seaman November 11, 2013 0
Humor: Beware the Tolerable Cold

As Summer rolls out and the sweet smell of artificial pumpkin rolls in with the fall, Los Angeles has begun its usual freak out from the approximately 10-15 degree weather drop. 

One Archer student states, “It’s refreshing, but horrible. It’s brisk, but nothing compared to East Coast cold, so I can’t complain.” Although this student recognizes the contrast to the winter freeze in most other parts of the country, she still sees it as dreadful and agrees that it is truly cold.

With a 50% chance of rain on Oct. 29, Archer girls strolled around in expensive couture rain boots, despite the fact that it almost never rains. Actually, some even wear them when rain isn’t in the forecast.

A student wraps herself in a thick warm blanket. Photographer: Sara Seaman '16

A student wraps herself in a thick warm blanket. Photographer: Sara Seaman ’16

Parkas and wind jackets, Venti hot lattes and cinnamon scones: all come along with this “chilly” weather. Los Angeles civilians have even started to hang Christmas lights! The other day I saw an Archer student walking around cloaked in a blanket and cradling a thermos. I also saw students at lunch shivering in parkas while laying in the sunlight, because even with the sun, it’s apparently too cold to handle.

Any East Coaster would kill for this kind of weather during the next few months—they’d be outside picnicking, hanging at the beach or enjoying the sun. Perhaps this overreaction comes from a craving for the holidays and all the joy, relaxation and sense of family they have to offer.

As we venture into late fall and the average temperature starts to drop to the high 50s and low 60s (oh my!), keep your eye out for the ridiculous nature of our incessant bundling—you may find it quite the source of entertainment.

Featured Image: Students find shelter under blanket and scarf in the blistering cold of Archer’s hallways. Photographer: Marcela Riddick ’16


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