Yes Red Sox, No Red Socks

Kayry Gonzalez November 17, 2013 1
Yes Red Sox, No Red Socks

At the Archer School for Girls, one thing binds frilly lace socks and zoo-patterned socks: they are illegal. But how can something so cute and of innocent appearance be wrong at school?

Handbook rules state the students must be in uniform tops, bottoms and, if needed, uniform sweater Monday-Thursday. On Friday the students are allowed to wear any Archer shirt or sweater from past years such as club t-shirts or an elder sister’s old soccer jacket. It also says what color socks one may wear: “Socks, tights, and scarves may be acquired at the discretion of the family from any source, but it must be solid in color and either black, evergreen, gray, white, or skin-colored.”

No mention of striped black and white socks.

The handbook continues explaining what is not acceptable: “multi-colored socks, tights, or scarves; socks, tights or scarves with logos; fishnet stockings; socks that extend above the knee; and leg warmers.” It can also include other socks that may look uniform, like simple black socks with lace. The lace is the only  difference between uniform and non-uniform. The cuteness meter certainly does not stop the dress code, but apparently the dress code does not stop the students.

One can instantly spot all sorts of patterns and colors throughout the Archer hallways. Some are acceptable, while others… not so much. Some students protest that it is an accessory of most minimal importance and following the rest of the uniform permits socks to be overlooked. Despite the common belief among students that it is not a big deal to break the dress code because everyone else is, that is not the case.

Socks are definitely a minor accessory but this point brings up two arguments. The first argument is that if socks are a small aspect of the uniform, the rules should be overlooked and perhaps removed as a uniform regulation. The second argument is, because it is such a small detail, the rules regarding the particular colors and patterns allowed should be easy to follow.

When asked about these rules, sophomore Katie Colick ’16 comments, “I wish I could wear different types of socks [like] maybe some cute, fun patterns… Yeah.” Other students share similar concerns with Colick, who also said, “I think we should be able to wear socks because it’s such a small part of the uniform.”

On the other side, it is a school regulation and therefore is enforced. Gretchen Warner, Dean of Students reminds us, “limiting socks to certain colors make the student body, well, more uniform!” And of course, uniform rules must be followed.

So kick the neon shades for outside of school and stock up on the essentials for school. Pretty red socks won’t win in school, but outside they are fair game.

Featured Image: A photograph of students’ shoes and socks in class.

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  1. Marcela Riddick November 18, 2013 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    Puns and sarcasm two of my favorite things, love it Kayry :)
    Great job approaching a relevant issue.

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