And so it begins… Varsity Basketball’s First Game! 11/26?/2012

Emily Ward November 27, 2012 0
And so it begins… Varsity Basketball’s First Game! 11/26?/2012

Last night, the Archer Varsity Basketball team WON against the Morningside Monarchs (whether the butterfly or ruler was unclear) in a fierce battle to a final score of 41-40. Although the Panthers as a whole displayed a somewhat lackadaisical performance in the first half, the team rallied against the odds and fought indomitably until the very end. Despite the referees’ less than favourable calls, the players tightened their ponytails and defense, making for a spectacular showdown. Highlights of the game included the energy from several ‘bench’ players.

Ciena Lennon (#5) played handsomely against many forceful, tall Monarchs (perhaps the butterfly idea is best abandoned here), and racked up quite a record: an assist, a steal, a block, and four free-throws, culminating in a total twelve points for the team. Adrianna Bass (#3) came off the bench and helped herself to a steal. Jasmine Chen (#14) made a free throw and a total of three rebounds. Maia Barnett (#15) assisted thrice, grabbed eleven rebounds, stole the ball five times, and made ten free throws, scoring sixteen points for Archer. Lindsay Levesque (#21) assisted twice, snatched away nine rebounds, blocked once, stole the ball five times, and made a free throw, resulting in a total of eleven points for the Panthers. Christian Lunhow (#32) made a spectacular free throw, securing the Panthers a point. Marcela Riddick (#11) made a fabulous effort out on the court today when she was assigned to guard a particularly fierce Monarch shooter. Her speed and determination dug fearsomely into Morningside’s efforts, and put a halt on their side of the scoreboard. Nearly everyone on the team got to play last night and the group’s perseverance was outstanding.

The game last night was truly a nail-biter, and everyone on the team would appreciate any and all the support you have to offer! That being said, be sure to congratulate any Varsity Basketball players you see tomorrow: their first game of the season was truly sensational!



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