Food Blog: Juice, Juice, Juice!

Cuisine Editors November 16, 2012 1
Food Blog: Juice, Juice, Juice!
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Recently, juice has become a “hot topic” in Los Angeles. Juices are not just used to refresh and cool us down from hot weather, but they also offer a year-round supply of a nutritional and delicious fruits and vegetables.  While many people use juicing as a form of dieting because it is both healthy and tastes good, juices are typically consumed as snacks rather than meals.

There are many ways to drink juice.  You can blend, juice or press ingredients. Blending juice makes smoothies by chopping the ingredients together.  Juicing runs the ingredients through a high-powered machine. Vegetables spin through the juicer and juice gets extracted as it goes through tiny holes.  Two of the many juice shops i

n LA are Pressed Juicery and The Beverly Hills Juice Club, which both offer these three different types of juicing and sell healthy and delicious drinks year round.

According to his website, Beverly Hills Juice Club founder David Otto “became a vegetarian to improve his health.”  He was told that his drinks were tasty, and was encouraged to open a store and offer his drinks to the public.  Nancy Cipes, a blogger for Edible Westside, describes how in 1975, he opened a storefront on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. He called it the Beverly Hills Juice Club because it was “sandwiched between” two different gyms—the Beverly Hills Health Club for Women and the Beverly Hills Health Club for Men.  Eventually, Otto shortened the title to Beverly Hills Juice and moved his store to its current location on Beverly Boulevard, a few blocks east of La Cienega Boulevard.

Photographer: Daniella Morrison ’13


Beverly Hills Juice offers a variety of different drinks, including vegetable juices that are both tasteful and healthful.  Their fruit juices are sweet and yummy. I suggest trying their coconut juices, which are delicious and refreshing, or their ginger juices, which are spicy and reviving. They also offer many other drinks, including thick and mouthwatering shakes.

Pressed Juicery is another great juice spot in Los Angeles. According to their website, Hayden Slater, Carly Brien and Hedi Gores founded Pressed Juicery together on the idea that “in order to find nourishment and balance every day, people need to be armed with something that is simple, convenient and fitted to their busy schedules.”  Pressed Juicery has many locations throughout Los Angeles which all have a variety of many juices to pick from that all contain nutritious ingredients and wonderful tastes.


Featured Image Photographer: Daniella Morrison ’13

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  1. Isabel Adler February 6, 2013 at 12:15 am - Reply

    Yum! I am usually not a big juice fan, but I am curious to try both of these places. I also didn’t know there were different juicing methods.

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