2013-2014 Club Schedule: Cool Clubs, Cool Kids

Kayry Gonzalez October 11, 2013 1
2013-2014 Club Schedule: Cool Clubs, Cool Kids

Sports have never been your thing, you are getting tired of ballet class and you want to get involved with something else at school other than acadmics that you might enjoy. Remember, Archer clubs are always looking for new members.

There is a wide range of different clubs at Archer. At the beginning of each school year, students attend the Club Fair. The club fair is an event when students can sign up for clubs that might interest them. The diversity of the clubs shows how different all the students are, as each club was created by a student.

This year’s club fair was at lunch on Wednesday, September 17. This year, Student Council made it easier for the students to find a club they could make the meetings to: the tables were arranged in sections depending on the day they met.

Clubs tend to be student-run with an adult supervisor. However, each club needs as many members as they can get. A club does not get finalized or confirmed until November. To be considered as an “official club”, each club needs at least ten steady members by the deadline. If not, the club can wait to try again next year to recruit members and try to get the club going again.

If you were not able to attend the club fair, the time each club meets is located below.
*TBD – to be determined
*AS – After School
*US – Upper School

Name of club – Location of meeting (supervisor)

-     Best Buddies – Room 130 (Ms. Muñoz)
-     Mock Trial (US only/AS)– Room 216 (Mr. Berning)
-     Clean Water, Clean Beaches – Room 123 (Ms. Sengstaken)
-     Classics Club – Room 173 (Ms. Wu)
-     Anime Club – Room 146 (Ms. Tunderman)

-     Honor Education Council – Room 146 (Ms. Warner)
-     Write in the Middle (MS Creative Writing) – Room 260 (Ms. Freiler & Ms. Thornton)
-     Ruff Pups – Room 279 (Ms. Keddie)
-     Book Ends – Library (Ms. Daehler)
-     Geek Team – Room 124 (Ms. Shohfi)
-     Future Culinary Artists of America – Room 252 (Ms. Dahlin)
-     Eternal Optimist Club – Room 173 (Ms. Northrup)
-     Genius Girlz – Library (Mr. Mosier)
-     Candy Club – Room 213 (Mr. Gillen)
-     Global Event Awareness – Library (TBD)

-     Community Service Board – Room 216 (Mr. Russo & Ms. Martin)
-     Student Council – Library (Mr. Robertson & Ms. McClurg)
-     Student Store – Room 157 (Ms. Davis)
-     Hermanas Unidas – Room 224 (Ms. Geffen)
-     Gay Straight Alliance – Room 254 (Ms. Ferri)
-     Clueless Club – Room 257 (Ms. McClurg)
-     Cooking Princesses – Room 256 (Ms. Gold)
-     Water Wells for Africa – Room 252 (Ms. Dahlin)

-     Italian Club – 250 (Mr. Rule)
-     Black Student Union – Room 217 (Ms. Keddie)
-     Diversity Committee – Room 271 (Ms. Gold & Ms. Geffen)
-     Comics Club – Room 213 (Mr. Gillen)
-     Face Painting Club – Room 257 (Ms. Pavliscak)
-     Glee (TV) Club – Room 242 (Ms. Escande)
-     Robotics – Room 140 (Mr. Carter)
-     Girls Educating Girls – Room 256 (Ms. Morioka)
-     Jane Austen Society – Room 262 (Ms. Ganzer)
-     Scratch Club – Room 260 (Mr. Mosier)
-     AIDS Ambassadors – Room 123 (Ms. Sengstaken)
-     Disney Club – Room 125 (Ms. Joel)
-     Sports Medicine Club – Room TBD (Ms. Ferri)

-     Books without Borders – Room 234 (Ms. Hermeline)


No club meetings on Fridays.

-     Art Studio (US only) – Room 017 (Ms. Silver) – Alternating Thursdays and Fridays after school
-     A Capella (6th grade) – Ms. Dahlin – TBD
-     PAWS – Library (Ms. Barnhill) – AS
-     P90 Archer! – (Ms. Shohfi) – Thursdays AS
-     Photography Club – Photo Room (Ms. Steward) Mondays AS
-     Page Turners – Library (Mr. Robertson) Once a month on Thursdays
-     Debate – Room 153 (Ms. Babin) Thursdays & Tuesdays AS

Featured Image: Girls at the club fair. Photographer: Gaby Sumpter ’16

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  1. Zaire Dupont-Armstrong October 17, 2013 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    Kayry- this is so helpful! I’m always trying to plan out what clubs I want to join, but can never figure out which do and don’t have time for. Thanks for laying this out so clearly.

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