Water Runs Deep: Exercise and Hydration

Ilene Gonzales October 15, 2013 0
Water Runs Deep: Exercise and Hydration

Feeling the refreshing flow of water after a hard workout, is like jumping in the pool on the hottest summer day.

According to “Hydration: What to Drink, How Much and How Often,” hydration is the most important part of being an athlete. Author Pamela Bede suggests people hydrate before, during, and after exercising. It allows one to perform with full energy and full potential.

Bede says it is best to begin hydrating in the morning. Drinking water or sports drinks right before a workout causes that nauseous feeling that we all try to avoid.

The article recommends water as a sufficient source for hydration for exercises lasting under 60 minutes. However, if a workout is longer, electrolytes are recommended to maintain energy.

FamilyDoctor.org says that water is lost every day by using the restroom, sweating, and even breathing, and is lost even faster when the weather is more sever. If not properly hydrated, you are putting your body at a  risk. Dehydration causes the body to feel faint, gives muscle cramps, and may cause cardiovascular drift. This condition puts the human body into shock, which is  possibly life threatening and can be avoided simply by staying hydrated.

Experts say that we can stay hydrated,  coaches say we should stay hydrated, and our fellow athletes recommend we stay hydrated, but it is all up to us. Having energy and staying healthy is just a couple glasses of water away—don’t suffer the consequences in the long run.

Featured Image: An Archer student athlete drinking water. Photographer: Rosemary Pastron ’16

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