Restaurant Review: Starbucks of Brentwood Village

Madison Richardson October 9, 2013 1
Restaurant Review: Starbucks of Brentwood Village

Perhaps it is the ever-inviting space of couches, the wooden community tables, or the warm tint of the lamps which make Starbucks the go-to study spot for Archer girls who seek asylum from the California weather.

At a mere .2 miles away from Archer’s grounds—with its enticing offer of freshly brewed coffee and a nurturing study environment, which even the library cannot rival—it is no wonder upper schoolers have designated Starbucks of Brentwood Village Court a popular retreat during their lunchtime break.

Jacquelyn Klein ’15 says Starbucks “is my favorite place to go across the street when I want to study and buy a refreshing drink.”

A glimpse of the great variety of foods available at Starbucks.
Photographer: Veronica Richardson ’15

Many reviewers on Yelp boast the location’s cleanliness, welcoming environment, and nice ambience, among other virtues. However, some have used the popular reviewing site to criticize the restaurant.

These critics complain about the Wi-Fi—which is only free of charge for the first thirty minutes—or the long lines during lunch-hour. Many believe that a restaurant like Starbucks, which attracts students as a consequence of its relaxing study environment, ought to offer free Wi-Fi.

Other critics bemoan the small parking lot and expensive meters; a problem which naturally does not afflict the Archer pedestrians who routinely invade the premises at lunchtime.

No matter the specific reason juniors and seniors flock to the restaurant, one thing is certain: Starbucks remains a center of the upper school community, evidenced by its appeal both to the Brentwood Village and to Archer itself.

Featured Image: Snacks in the Starbucks display case. Photographer: Veronica Richardson ’15

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  1. Gloria Ryoo November 7, 2013 at 5:06 am - Reply

    Another great facet of the Starbucks here in Brentwood Village is that it has a mini table just for children with a box of crayons and activity books! If you’re waiting for your order and have nothing else to do, I suggest plopping yourself down onto a miniature chair and coloring in some of the blank illustrations.

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