Passion For Fashion: An Interview with Sophie Elkus

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Passion For Fashion: An Interview with Sophie Elkus

Last minute outfit swaps. Quick makeup touchups. Critics all around. The strong scent of hairspray and Chanel No.5. The bright lights shining in the model’s eyes as they get ready to work the runway. You guessed it…Fashion Week. 

Many would say Fashion Week is the most glamorous time of the year—others would say it is the most stressful. Taking place in the fashion capitals of the world—New York, London, Paris, and Milan— Fashion Week consists of  groundbreaking spring styles and exotic models ready to stand tall and walk the runway. Some say that this year’s fresh new styles—floral patterned pants and the occasional red lip—definitely top last year’s nude leather jackets and slicked back pony tails.

Many were in awe of this year’s spring fashion, filled with boho-chic New York street style—which some would describe as “pretty meets preppy”—with a possible Parisian twist. Charlotte Ronson brought fun and playful jumpsuits to the runway that would perfectly describe this type of look (pictured below). Television actresses Mary Kate and Ashley created a collection of safari-inspired looks for their successful clothing line called “Elizabeth and James,” which goes along with the street-style clothing look that they must have been aiming for.

As for Archer students, the possibility of accessorizing with a fun pair of shoes and some chunky jewelry could be an exciting addition to the uniform. For example, it might take a little too much time in the morning to perfect a vibrant red-lip, so why not throw on a pair of red Jack Purcell shoes to give your uniform a little color pop and brighten up an outfit for school? Doing this can give off that spectacular runway-ready vibe leaving you feeling fresh, fashionable, and ready to strut your stuff down those catwalk-like hallways.

Source: Photography: Ken Pao

Photography: Ken Pao

Although the writers of the Oracle did not get the chance to attend Fashion Week this year, the Oracle was able to interview fashion blogger Sophie Elkus of Angel Food Style .

Sophie’s blog shows off latest and greatest trends and ideas that come from the heart of her own personal style. She also blogs about a variety of fun new beauty looks to try out, ranging from her “easy braided updo” to tips on how to work a bold lip.

Through interviewing Ms. Elkus, the Oracle was able to get the inside scoop on what Fashion Week is really like in New York City.

ORACLE: What was it like being in one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals and having the opportunity to attend what is considered to be the biggest events of the year in the fashion world?

SE: I love New York City and the energy during Fashion Week is noticeable not only in the show tents but also on the streets. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I love walking around Soho to see editors on their way to presentations and the off-duty runway models lunching in between shows. The Lincoln Center area is such a rush with all the photographers waiting to capture the next fashionably-dressed woman on her way into the tents.

ORACLE: Who was your favorite designer featured at fashion week and what was unique about the clothes that they featured?

SE: I loved the Mara Hoffman SS’14 show. Her designs are so colorful, feminine and bohemian-chic. I loved the unique prints. The line definitely aligns with my personal style as someone born and raised in Los Angeles.

ORACLE: Did you notice a theme overall during Fashion Week? Was there a specific pattern that you saw frequently or a color scheme that caught your eye?

SE: I attended the Spring 2013 Fashion Week in February of this year and the Fall 2012 Fashion Week. The collections are always different from previous seasons but true to the designers’ individual aesthetics, which always makes it exciting because I can’t wait to see how the label reinvented its look from season to season based on trends and new colors.

ORACLE: How does your blog reflect your overall experience at Fashion Week?

SE: I put up a couple street style posts during NYFW with my daily outfits. It’s fun to show readers what I wear outside the show tents. For the fall fashion week, NYC weather is still pretty warm so it usually consists of a walkable bootie, a dress or shorts with a statement jacket for meetings and a big bag to carry my planner, extra phone chargers and makeup.

ORACLE: Last but not least, tell us about your favorite part of Fashion Week and why.

SE: My absolute favorite part of fashion week is seeing my blogger friends who live across the country and around the world. I’ve become close friends with a handful of amazing, talented girls through the blogging community and it’s so much fun when we are all in the same place together.


Featured Image Source: Angel Food Style


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