Varsity Track Sprints Ahead

Gabby Oberman May 25, 2012 0

A varsity track athlete off the blocks.
Photo Source: Archer Athletics

Track athletes coming from a variety of sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, horseback riding, and cross-country, all come together to run, throw, and to jump their hearts out. Most of the athletes join track to compete, to showcase and develop their talents, and to represent their school. Plus, staying fit is a benefit for most. There are also a handful of true track athletes, like Geffen Treiman, who has devoted her time and energy to going the distance (the 800m).

Led by the amazing coaches, Coach Kim, Coach Amelia, and Mr. Wylie (who has helped with field events) the track team learned  about the most efficient techniques and strategies used today. Since track events are run with either different speeds, or endurance levels, practice is split up into multiple groups so that runners have the ability to practice for their category of events. Track and field is split into four groups: sprinters, middle distance, long distance, and field events. Sprinters run the 100 meter, 4×100 relay, 200 meter, 300 meter hurdles, and the 400 meter (one fourth of a mile), and 4×400 relay. Middle/long distance runners run the 800 meter, and the 1600 meter (one mile). Long distance runners run the 3200 meter. There are also some runners who compete in the various hurdle races. There are also field events which the track team competes in: shot-put, discus, and the long-jump.

Photo By: Kim Smith

Track is truly a team sport, although it may appear to be solely an individual sport. Each team member scores a certain amount of points for their school depending on where they place. Athletes who place first through eighth place receive points; the team with the most points wins the meet. During relay races, the relay teams train together during practice and work together during the meets to gain an advantage. But, it is only through individual effort and hard work that the team achieves victory. Every individual is needed. Archer’s 2012 track team was grateful to gain five new additions who have gained points for Archer by competing in the 400m, 800m, 300m hurdles, long-jump, and shot-put.

Running track is hard work, but the work pays off when you feel that sense of accomplishment. It also pays off at the meets when the Archer track team as a whole makes the top three in the league, and again when many Archer athletes come in first, achieve school records, and achieve their personal bests. Archer also beat the powerhouse school, Windward, and achieved second place out of a nine league team this season.

Some of the breathtaking results from this year’s track meets include:

Krysia Sikora winning first place in multiple events including the 100m and the 200m. Sikora also set the Archer’s record for the 200m.

Coco Maurice dominated the discus by winning first place at all of the meets. And, Gabby Oberman consecutively got second place in discus, which means that Archer athletes have placed in both first and second place in discus through 2012’s track season so far.

Geffen Treiman set an astonishing Archer record for the 800m.

The 4×100 and 4×400 relay teams have come in first place numerous times due to the effort put in by various relay teams including:  Maia Barnett, Julia Gordon, Coco Maurice, Yasmeen Namazie, Kryshia Sikora, and Geffen Treiman. With Delphic League Finals coming up, Chloe Hallinan, Gabby Oberman, Rita Shrestha, and Leila Taleghani have made tremendous contributions to team and score a good shot at qualifying for the finals.

So, if you see a glowing yellow shirt strolling across the halls of Archer, you will be able to recognize that when a team comes “All In”, the track team’s motto, and works hard together, great things can be accomplished.


Featured Image: These shoes were made for running. Photo Credit: Krysia Sikora


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