Middle School Tennis: A Promising New Tradition

Krysia Sikora May 25, 2012 0

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The Archer middle school tennis team improved drastically throughout the spring 2012 season, with the high point being a win over our rival Brentwood School.

When asked to assess the season Coach Julio Rivera said, “I am most pleased with the way our girls have improved this season from last. [The team improved] so much that we beat the Brentwood boys team in a league match.”

Playing against both boys and coed teams, the Panthers had a record of one win and four losses. Gabrielle Sumpter (‘16) said, “My favorite part about being on the team was how much everyone supported each other on and off the court no matter what grade you were in. I also loved playing against boys because it gave us a tougher competition.”

The singles players this season included Mari Goldberg (‘17), Clara Gasparetti (‘17), Christian Lunhow (‘16), and yours truly, Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin (‘16).

The big wins of this season occurred at the Brentwood match. Mari, playing as number one singles, beat her opponent 8-0. Fiona, at number two singles, beat her counterpart 8-0. Clara, playing as number three singles, won 8-3. With three singles wins, Archer had a high chance of winning the entire match. Although Archer lost doubles, the Panthers won the match by winning more games 32-27! As Coach Julio says, “Every game counts.” This is true and if our singles and doubles players had not gained games from their opponents we might have lost the match.

The doubles players this season included Gabrielle Sumpter (‘16), Sofia Garrick (’16), Christian Lunhow (‘16), Sam Gilbey (’16), Molly Egger (’16), Clara Gasparetti (‘17), Annie Moore (‘17), Lauren Neman (‘18), Isabella Simanowitz (‘18), Anna Allgeyer (‘18) and Claire Germano (‘18).

The team has supported each other from the beginning. Even though the team has had their ups and downs, we always move on and think of our next match as a fresh start. According to Clara Gasparetti (‘17), “The thing I love most about being on a team is that you always have someone who is encouraging you to do your best. My teammates always have a positive attitude and help me through rough times during a tennis match.”

This season the Archer middle school tennis team has progressed and will continue to advance in the years to come. Mari Goldberg (‘17) says, “I am most proud of all the hard work our team has put into the season. I am also proud of all the bonding our team has had!”

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