Food Blog: Shopping the Farmers’ Market

India Halsted May 25, 2012 0
Food Blog: Shopping the Farmers’ Market

A farmers market is a place where one can find almost anything. Products for sale include warm hot crepes, beautiful quality soaps, and organic produce.

Traditionally farmers’ markets were places where people could sell straight to consumers. The things sold at farmers’ markets over time have changed from primarily fresh produce like vegetables and fruits to whole meals and even items like clothing.

The only thing that will never change about a good farmers’ market is the quality of its products.

Photo By: Capucine Berney ’13

Around LA there are many different farmers markets. The markets I like to visit include the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, the Brentwood Farmers’ Market, the Pacific Palisades Certified Farmers’ Market and the Venice Farmers’ Market.

Some of the food and products sold at all of these markets are fresh vegetables and fruits, such as delicious pears, apples and kale. Other products include sponge plants, handmade hats and warm freshly made crepes. One of my very favorite things from the Venice market is the coconut they cut for you.

The quality and prices at these farmers markets are good. For instance I got a whole meal of Greek food for just under ten dollars. This included three sauces, some pita bread, and delicious garlic oily chips.

Also, on Sundays I always find something new. For example last Sunday when I went to the Brentwood Market I saw a new Korean vendor who sells vegan dishes such as lotus root, sticky brown rice, and tempeh and seaweed salads. I recommend anything at this little stand.

Another new discovery of mine was a lady who sells delicious peanut butter bars with carob chocolate. They are healthy and taste just like the real thing. A perfect healthy lunchbox option, don’t you think?

Finally my last and most favorite things about farmers’ markets are the memories and people you see at them. At the farmers’ market in Brentwood, I have passed by Archer girls and their families many times, as well as family friends. The fun memories that I have, like sliding down the bouncy building and getting “horsey” rides, makes these places not only a helpful food source, but a source of great memories.

Since there are many farmers’ markets around LA I encourage you to go stop by and visit one. This is a nice way to not just get your healthy vegetables for the week, but also to have fun.

Farmers’ markets are open mostly on Sundays; however the Santa Monica and Palisades farmers’ markets are also open on Saturdays. Most farmers’ markets start at 7 a.m. and end at 2 p.m.

Featured Image Photographer: Capucine Berney ’13

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