Restaurant Review: Blue Plate

Capucine Berney May 19, 2013 0
Restaurant Review: Blue Plate

Placid white walls meet a glossy hardwood floor. A cheerful waiter greets a table with: “The usual?” The impeccable smell of truffle fries fills the air, set to a background track of fresh fruits blending into smoothies.

Blue Plate, located on Montana in Santa Monica, offers customers a happy contradiction: homely fine dining. The menu features everything from Hamburgers to antioxidant smoothies, demonstrating an attention geared at both generating high-quality food and fulfilling customers’ wants.

The foods served are of the highest quality and meals are prepared in a visibly open kitchen so that customers know not only what they are eating, but how their food is being prepared. Annie Krepack ’13, delights over the healthy options on Blue Plate’s menu: “The smoothies at Blue Plate are fantastic! My favorite is the Superfruit. The best part is the fact that it’s all fruit and juice. Delicious and healthy— a win-win for me!”

The smoothies at Blue Plate aim to please, offering customers lighter treats to pair with meals, such as the Berry Antioxidant (Blood orange, blueberry, blackberry, pomegranate, beet juice and agave) and heavier drinks like the Banana Berry Protein (banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, tofu, almonds and frozen yogurt).

Blue Plate also nicely caters to the indecisive customer. The Garden Burger Salad mends the difficult pull between a veggie burger and a salad. Customers in desire of a wrap and a soup can choose to order a combination of both. Those choosing between breakfast food and dinner food can satisfy both meals with the Mac and Cheese Pancake.

While the meals at Blue Plate are known to leave customers feeling quite full, the excellent tastes might leave customers understandably wanting for more. The restaurant offers desserts ranging from cookies filled with Lucky Charms, to delicious hot chocolate, and varying cake options.

Though Blue Plate offers a broad array of food choices, one element of the dining experience remains consistent: pleased customers. Almost all the people walking in and out of Blue Plate are smiling, excited for what awaits or eager to return and try the rest of the menu.


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