Basketball Plays Hard

Krysia Sikora April 8, 2013 0
Basketball Plays Hard

This year the Archer Basketball team played an extremely tough schedule and managed to play hard through every game. Each game was a battle, but the panthers improved and learned throughout the season.

This season the team traveled down the coast of California to beautiful San Diego to play in a tournament against teams from all across the country. The girls used the travel time to create even tighter bonds and grow as a team. “quote about SD tournament”

This year’s two captains, Ciena Lennon (’13) and Maia Barnett (’14), led the team by example with sharing their experience and motivating everyone to give full effort. The other upperclassmen, Linny Levesque (’13), Jasmine Chen (’13), and Logan Howard (’14), also look on leadership roles, encouraging their teammates.

The younger players looked up to the upperclassmen and added their own support, enthusiasm, and encouragement to the team chemistry. They brought the determination to improve and learn how to contribute effectively to the team.

The season was also a great success in terms of scores, too. Maia Barnett led the team in scoring this year, breaking the school record of 37 points against Hollywood High School. The overall record was….

The Panthers also participated in the Martin Luther King Jr. Public vs. Private extravaganza showcase. The team battled against the Santa Monica High Vikings and emerged victorious.

The team qualified for playoffs and came up short in the end, but showed tremendous effort. All players were inspired by the outstanding former basketball coach at UCLA, John Wooden. His recent passing motivated the players to play the game in his honor with passion, skill, and dignity. Team members know his famous quotes by heart and especially adheres to one in particular.

One of this year’s Archer Varsity Basketball Team’s mantras was Wooden’s “the main ingredient to stardom is the team.” The team took his words to heart this season and emerged with an impressive record, strong friendships, and lasting memories.

Featured Image: Varsity Basketball, Jan. 2013. Source: Archer Athletics

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