Food Blog: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza—Gourmet

Cuisine Editors April 29, 2013 1
Food Blog: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza—Gourmet
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While pizza is a classic American adopted dish that defines a large proponent of our culture, gourmet pizza is a whole different category of experimental cuisine. With toppings such as fried eggs and pine nuts, gourmet toppings are always bigger and newer. From brick oven roasted to classic pizza ovens, the following restaurants open doors to discovering a new definition of gourmet pizzas.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is, as one Archer girl puts it, “really good.” The pizzeria makes fresh dough for each customer and for each pizza. As an added and fun twist, customers get to pick what toppings to put on their individual pizza. As the name suggests, the chefs cook their pizzas at 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Among the many topping choices at 800 Degrees are pesto, prosciutto and pine nuts. Although unusual, these toppings are what brings a pizza place to be called gourmet, and 800 Degrees is certainly a gourmet place.

Filled with other options the restaurant serves what they call “the classics.” The classics are traditional and non personalized. Although they are similar to other places, these classics offer the unusual and scrumptious taste that is 800 Degrees. The pizzeria also includes a large soda selection. The selection includes every possible flavor of coke, sprite and other popular sodas.

The interior of this pizza hotspot is unique, especially in LA. The dark wood walls are lined with a moose, a bear and other animal heads. Ample amounts of tables add to the creative design.

Across the city from 800 Degrees, Gjelina pizza is a taste into the world of gourmet. Unlike 800 Degrees, Gjelina does not offer as personalized an experience. The vegetable and meat slices used for toppings are creatively picked by “ingenieur” chefs. Although the pizza (and other food served at the restaurant and takeaway) is delicious, it is sometimes a long wait to get a table or pick up your food.

Waiting in line, one customer expressed great irritation with the restaurant’s regular crowd’s behavior. She felt that the crowd at the restaurant was not being respectful of the other customers.

However, the service is usually quick and helpful. The seating area decor is incredibly rustic and comfortable, and the restaurant has an outdoor  area for takeaway that includes plastic produce boxes and stone benches. The deliberate graffiti on one wall of the restaurant suggests the restaurant’s attachment to Los Angeles ’80s culture.

Overall, the Cuisine Editors’ top choices for gourmet pizza in Los Angeles are Gjelina and 800 Degrees because of the unique styles in which the restaurants prepare and serve pizza.

By: Cuisine Editors with Claire Sulzer
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