Restaurant Review: Church and State

India Halsted March 5, 2013 0
Restaurant Review: Church and State
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Rated as one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, Church and State is truly incredible. Located in Downtown, the fine dining the restaurant offers a unique experience. A dark brick wall, large glass windows and wooden tables, set up an amazing environment.

The menu offers a variety of french options. For example, the creamy mushroom pasta and the salmon and chive cream on bread are both delicious. The french onion soup and the herbed goats cheese with lavender honey on a toasted baguette called “Le Cachat” are also wonderful. It wouldn’t be fair not to mention “Galette de Pomme,” a delicious apple tart with vanilla ice cream.

The service at the restaurant is very good. The servers have a friendly attitude and positive recommendations for each customer.

Although some may argue that the tables are too close together and the restaurant is sometimes loud, it is still “one of my favorite restaurants” as an Archer teacher puts it.

The ambiance of dark walls helps the customers focus on the beautiful wall of windows. Although the restaurant is not very formal, customers should book a reservation beforehand. It also has a fun and happening New York City feel, which makes it an even better experience.

Though far from Archer, Church and State is worth the drive. After a meal at Church and State, anyone and everyone will be satisfied.


Featured Photo: Church and State Website

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