What to Wear: Work-Out Edition

Becca Samuelson May 20, 2013 0
What to Wear: Work-Out Edition

A successful work-out requires a can-do attitude, a motivating playlist, a good location, and of course, the correct apparel. The Oracle investigated the plethora of options for athletic clothing around the Archer campus and online.

One of the most important factors in appropriate athletic wear is weather. A few Archer seniors weighed in on what items are best for the heat and the cold. Rosy DePaul ‘13 is well-versed in summer work-out clothes, especially the best apparel for her cross country runs and laps at the pool. She explains, “I usually wear a pair of running shorts and a tank top.”

However, choosing summer gear to exercise in the sun is not without its worries. Insiders Health advises athletes outdoors in daylight to wear sleeves and plenty of sunscreen. The website also suggests finding a workout time before 10 am and after 4 pm to avoid sunburn.

Tank tops and shorts central to Rosy’s wardrobe leave their mark in the summer months in tan lines in a variety of designs on the arms, back, and legs. To Rosy, “It’s important to be proud of your tan lines because it’s proof of your hard work and dedication to training outdoors. That is the best place to train.”

Soccer player, Krysia Sikora ’13 explains that her typical exercise outfit consists of “Lululemon leggings or sweatpants,” “Target sports-bras,” and “any type of t-shirt.” However, for cold weather, she keeps herself warm with a long-sleeved style.

Coach Morioka, human development and fitness teacher, claims that sweatpants are the ultimate source of athletic comfort. She tells the Oracle with a laugh, “It’s all about sweats. If I could wear sweats every day of my life, I would! But wait- I do!”

Like sweatpants, leggings seem to provide the same sense of comfort in a form-fitting way. This new fashion phenomena is visible on the Archer campus and beyond. Because they are thicker and more opaque than footless tights, leggings are an excellent choice for working out, hanging out with friends, or relaxing at home. Most of the top rated items on Lululemon’s website are variations of tailored yoga pants, capris, and leggings made popular for their chic multi-functional use.

Archer’s Fitness Department offers its own athletic gear suitable for the chillier months too. Students can purchase Adidas sweatshirts made of either cotton or fleece in both crew-neck and hooded styles. Varsity athletes can be seen around campus layering such pieces with their customized letterman jackets in winter.

Athletic Director Denny Lennon speaks of the Archer-Adidas partnership: “Adidas is one of the top apparel companies in the world… We have aligned ourselves with Adidas through a direct buyer, Westside Team Sports.” He explains the availablity of these products to the Archer student body through the school website and the athletic department.

The right athletic clothing, regardless of logo, must be fully functional for the use of its athlete. The material is key in its role in temperature control as the body begins to sweat. Lululemon explains the significance of each of the materials used in their outerwear online. For example, one description reads, “The moisture wicking fabric mean that we’re not simmering in our own sweat by the time we’ve finished our run and the anti-stink Silverescent fabric means it’s not stinky next time we wear it.” Sports clothing lines must pay attention to their designs to be both good-looking and functional for all athletes.

Because every athlete’s routines and tastes are so unique, Nike offers customization for its products. The NIKEiD program online allows customers to tailor their shoes, clothes, and accessories to their personal and team preferences. Many products feature a place for a Personalized ID (PiD) of letters and numbers to display the athlete’s name or a motto.

Archer athletes have plenty of options on campus, online, and around Los Angeles to explore the many possibilities of size, style, brand, price, design, and fit for the right work-out clothes.

Featured Image: Work out clothes at a New York Studio. Source: Nova NY

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