Survey: Archer Girls’ Picks for the Academy Awards

Ankhet Holmes February 5, 2013 0
Survey: Archer Girls’ Picks for the Academy Awards

Living in the heart of Los Angeles, it’s difficult to escape news of America’s most prestigious awards show for movies and film, the Academy Awards. Archer girls, of course, have their own opinion on all the nominees and would be winners. Forty-six Archer girls in grades 8 – 12 responded to a poll on their top choices in the following categories: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Picture, Best Animated Film, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

There were mixed results for Archer student’s choice for Best Picture. With only 13 votes out of 45, Les Misérables came in first, followed by Silver Linings Playbook. Argo and Lincoln tied for 3rd place.

However when asked which movie students thought would actually win for Best Picture, there was greater consensus. Twenty-one students, 46.67%, believed Lincoln would earn the award for Best Picture followed by Les Misérables (37.78%), Argo (24.44%) and Beasts of the Southern Wild (17.78%).

Daniel Day Lewis was student’s choice for Best Actor. He won the hearts and votes of more than half of the students in the title role of Lincoln. Students were similarly in agreement when choosing Best Actress—46.7% of students polled want Jennifer Lawrence to win the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Anne Hathaway was the favorite among students for Best Supporting Actress with 80% of the votes. Students like Alex Choe (’13) appreciated her “commitment to the non-glamorous role” as the disenfranchised Fantine in Les Misérables: “It was really impressive seeing her play this type of role.” The next closest competitor, Sally Field for Lincoln, only received 11% of the votes.

An overwhelming winner was not evident for the nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Di Nero tied for first place with only 13 votes each.

Archer girls can appreciate well-made animated films as well. They especially seemed to appreciate Brave. Forty percent of students polled agreed it was the most entertaining animated film of those nominated.

Archer students felt a couple of movies and actors were unfairly left out. At least three students believed Moonrise Kingdom should have be nominated for more than just Best Original Screenplay.

Archer girls also deem Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent under-appreciated; he’s been nominated for several Oscars and has yet to win one. Ben Affleck was a controversial subject with some students believing he was majorly snubbed for not being nominated for Best Director. Others strongly oppose the fanfare he’s been receiving for directing Argo, which is nominated for Best Picture. Becca Samuelson (’13) says, regardless of Ben Affleck’s snub status, “Argo’s storyline was captivating” and kept her “on the edge of [her] seat, the entire time, screaming at the screen.”

Now that Archer girls’ choices in movies and actors has been revealed, only the true results are unknown. Come February 24th , Archer students will be able to see how accurately they were able to pick the winners.

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